Thursday, July 31, 2014


CHIEFS 2016 Update

The Fee for the year is $200.  Money can come from sponsorship or out of pocket.  We have dozens of local businesses looking who have sponsored in the past, you just need to approach them.   Please make checks payable to:  Ipswich Chiefs Baseball.  Please contact us at anytime
Thank you
Gardy O'Flynn General Manager
Greg Doucette Player/Coach

Thursday, June 13, 2013

2016 Schedule * all games start at 5:45 PM unless noted





Monday 30th MANCHESTER
Tuesday 5H   @ Manchester
PLAYOFFS Top 4 (Best 2 of 3)
Tuesday 31st @ Manchester
Wednesday 6th  MANCHESTER
Sunday 7th   1v4     


Friday 8th BEVERLY
Monday 8th      2 v3 and 4 v1


Monday 11th TOPSFIELD

Monday 6th TOPSFIELD
Friday 15th @ Topsfield
Tuesday 9th                   3v2
Friday 10th @ Topsfield
Monday 18th HAMILTON
Wednesday 10th   1v4
Monday  13th HAMILTON
Thursday 21st  @ Hamilton
Thursday 11th     2v3
Thursday 16th @ Hamilton
Sunday 24th @ Rockport 6PM
FINALS (Best 3 of 5)
Sunday 19th @ Rockport 6PM
Monday 25th ROCKPORT
13th,14th, 17th, 20th and 21st
Monday 20th ROCKPORT
Friday 25th BEVERLY

Friday 24th  BEVERLY
Sunday 31st  @ Beverly

Sunday 26th  @ Beverly 5:30PM

Monday 27th ROWLEY
Monday 1st  ROWLEY

Wednesday 29th  @ Rowley
Wednesday 3rd  @ Rowley

Monday 30th  MANCHESTER

HOME GAMES IN CAPS all games start at 5:45 pm